How do you learn?

Classic Track

You want to learn Authentic Jazz straight forward and from different teachers? This workshop is perfect for you, because you will have the chance to dive into different aspects of the dance with our versatile teachers line-up.

In each class you will learn specific concepts, techniques or routines that you can implement in your Solo Jazz and Swing dancing at your own pace. Long breaks in between the classes will give you time to rest or immediately practice what you just learned.

Show Track

The great advantage of getting yourself to perform is that you don’t postpone implementing what you learned to a distant future – because you have a concrete goal to work towards. And while working towards this goal you will not only learn a cool routine, but you will also gain the performance skills you need to shine on stage. Long breaks in between the classes will give you time to rest and let things sink down, or to rehearse a bit more if you feel like it.

But your real thrill of the weekend will be the performance itself. Experience first hand what it means to be part of a show: Enter the stage, shine and earn your applause from a stunned audience during our Sunday Event “Swing Bam Boom”.

Note: The minimum level for the Show Track is Intermediate / Advanced.
But check out the Friday Mini-Show Track below, this one is open for all Classic Track levels.

*new* Friday Mini-Show Track *new*

This year we decided to offer Friday classes as a bonus and with a focus on performance. The goal is for you to learn a simple (simple doesn’t necessarily mean easy ;) ) routine in the afternoon and perform it during the cabaret in the evening. Like this you can get a touch of Show Track, but have the weekend focus on classes without the pressure of performing – or you can perform twice ;)

The Friday Mini-Show Track is only available as an addition to the Full Pass or Party Pass and costs you 30€. More info about content of the performances will come soon, but trust us, it will be fun!

*new* Beginner Track *new*

This year we decided to offer an additional track for beginners and refreshers that offer a light schedule during the day without missing any of the evening fun. In this track you can take a dip into the Solo Jazz waters without leaving the last class overly exhausted – and enjoy the evenings in any way you wish to :)

The beginner track has a lighter schedule and costs you only 90€ – click here for more info

Pick your level

We offer 5 levels, from Beginner to Advanced, at Cirque Du Solo. When you sign up, we will ask you to assign yourself to one these levels. There will not be any auditions, but if you for any reason feel after the first that you have picked the wrong level, talk to us and we can figure out a solution together.

Click here to see the level descriptions…


Take this level if you are familiar with partnered swing dancing but completely new to Authentic Jazz or if you are new to Authentic Jazz altogether.

  • You have never danced solo jazz before.

Note: This level is only available for the beginner track.


Take this level if you have experience in dancing but are new to Authentic Jazz, or if you want to refresh your basics. This track is for you if you are ready to take your dancing up a notch.

  • You already dance Swing or other couple / solo dances
  • You have probably had some Authentic Jazz classes already
  • You may now the Shim Sham or other routines

Note: This level is only available for the classic track.


Take this level if you already have some experience in Authentic Jazz, are comfortable with plenty of basics and are searching for new challenges.

  • You already took 6+ months of Authentic Jazz classes or several workshops.
  • You know the Shim Sham well and probably also the Tranky Doo or similar routines.
  • You have heard about musicality and may have experimented with improvisation.

Note: This level is only available for the classic track.

Intermediate / Advanced

Take this level if you have done plenty of solo jazz classes but solo dancing still presents some challenges. You are currently extending your vocabulary, finessing your technique, you improvise and try to implement your knowledge of swing music in your dancing.

  • You have done over a year of solo jazz classes.
  • You are familiar with lots of traditional steps and you can dance numerous routines.
  • You have experience in improvising.


Take this level if you are already an advanced solo jazz dancer and you are looking to push yourself to a higher level.

  • You dance Authentic Jazz since several years
  • You learn new routines quite fast and might even choreograph your own
  • You probably have been in jam circles or performed as a dancer already

Full Pass – 180€

We will make it easy for you and include the full experience in one package:

  • 8 hours of Authentic Jazz classes in 2 days
  • Add the Friday Mini-Show Track for 30€: Learn a routine in the afternoon and perform it in the evening
  • 7 international teachers – Bára Hřebačková (BE), Cat Foley (UK), Clàudia Fonte (ES), Joris Focquaert (BE), Michael Jagger (US/UK), Sep Vermeersch (BE), Sharon Davis (UK)
  • 4 evenings filled with dancing, entertainment and many surprises

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