Workshop Terms

General workshop rules

  • We cannot take any responsibility for your valuables or physical safety. Be careful – look out for yourself and for others as well!
  • There will be an audition. This means that you apply for a level in the registration proccess, but the final decision will be made on site. The reason is that we are trying to create homogenic learning groups, especially for the show track. If you are not happy with your level placement, you can talk to the organizers after the audition. However, there is no guarantee that your level wish can be granted.
  • For the rare occasion of a teacher getting sick or missing their flight we might have to substitute the teacher in your track or we might have to change the schedule.

Registration process

  • With your registration you only apply for a pass. Your registration will get confirmed or declined after a manual review and you will be notified via email.
  • If we have to decline your registration due to unavailability of space, you have three options:
    a) Get on the waitlist
    b) Move to another track (according to your skills)
    c) Cancel your registration
  • Your registration will only be valid after your full payment. The payment deadline is 14 days after the confirmation. Afterwards we will cancel your registration.

Cancellation policy

  • If you cancel your registration we will not refund any money. But you may transfer your pass to another person (please contact us via email).
  • Effect of cancellation on payments sent: If you cancel till Sat, 15 October 2016 you can transfer your payment to next year. If you cancel later you cannot transfer your payment for next year. No matter when you cancel we cannot send money back.
  • If you change your registration to a smaller package we can apply the cancellation policy on the difference (for example: changing from full pass to parties only).

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us or visit us on Facebook.