Your Teachers

Here you can see our complete teachers line-up for this year. Which teachers you will have in class depends on which track you choose to take.

Anders is a swing dance instructor and performer from Sweden. He has studied dances such as ballet, contemporary and modern jazz since the age of 10 and developed a passion for body movements, rhythm and teaching dance. At the age of 13 he fell in love with the African American social dances of the swing era such as Lindy Hop, Vernacular Jazz, Charleston and Tap and has since then been fortunate to teach and perform around the world.
Anders jumps on every opportunity to develop himself within performing arts and swing dancing and wants nothing more than to share his passion and knowledge with people all over the world. Currently Anders is performing in a range of different productions and projects, teaches regularly at Chicago Swing Dance Studio and travels around the world as a swing dance teacher.

Barbora “Bára” Hřebačková makes her living through dance. An early dancer herself, she Hip Hopped her way into Tap, Charleston, Authentic Jazz & the Lindy Hop, growing more and more in all these styles of swing dancing in the city of Prague, Czech Republic. Currently she is living and working in Europe’s much alive jazz-city, Ghent, Belgium: performing with dance project, Steam Heat Cats, and teaching at Crazy Legs Dance school. Do find her anywhere around Europe dancing & teaching, and enjoy her all-the-way graceful, light way of moving to the beat!

Benjamin originally hails from Melbourne, Australia, where he found swing dancing in 2006. He now lives in London; teaching, performing and travelling the world chasing Lindy Hop. Benjamin is a full time Lindy Hopper and currently runs two weekly swing venues in London, two performance troupes, and has taught all around Europe for the last 8 years. Proud to have come from a background without professional dance training, he has placed in over 30 different competitions around the world, is a 2-time UK Lindy Hop Champion and also won the Advanced Strictly Lindy at ILHC in 2013. Benjamin’s ability to break down moves and ideas into surprisingly manageable pieces, and attention to personal detail of his students has earned him a reputation as one of the UK’s most prominent instructors. Ben loves to teach people all the things that he loves about swing, and his number one goal is always to show dancers the ways to exceed their own expectations without straying from having fun!

When he’s not on the dance floor he is a hi-fi geek from way back, a fan of all things unicorn related, and has an unhealthy obsession with hot cross buns.

Cat is currently London based, working with Swing Patrol teaching solo jazz and lindy hop, and travelling worldwide to teach. She is also an acting member of ‘Impropriety’, an improvisational theatre company, and brings this creativity and unique style of performing straight into her dance.

Cat has been lindy hopping since 2005. She established ‘Mersey Swing’ in Liverpool, and remains creative director of this fast growing scene. After being awarded the Eurostar ‘Spirit of Lindy Hop’ award at ESDC 2012, Cat went on a journey to compete in the biggest contests in the USA and Europe.

Known for her infectiously fun style, Cat wears her heart on her sleeve and tries to bring fellow dancers into her world. She strives to bring out individuality, positivity and energy from her students, and believes that laughter really is the best medicine.

Joris Focquaert comes from Ghent, Belgium, where he runs his own swingdance school Crazy Legs, and works close together with Lindy Hop performance troupe The Dipsy Doodles, the West Music Club bigband, Nomad Swing & the Hop Sh-Bam Connection.

Joris can be found mostmost on the social dancefloor, where he loves to be around his students and local Jazz bars.

Coming from the theatre, he is often recognized for his shiny face and expressivity within the dance. When he does pop up in local and international competitions, he gives it a grand shot and sometimes pennies fall from heaven just like it happened to him at the London Jitterbug Championships, European Swingdance Championships, the Swing Cité, Smokey Feet, Vintage Swing Fest,.. to name just a few.

He looooves to sing, so you will probably catch him doing that!

Mikaela was born in Stockholm, Sweden and grew up with a love for music and dancing. Already as a kid she had a special liking for Swing, with favourite artists such as Ella Fitzgerald and Bill Haley. At the age of 13 she discovered Lindy Hop for the first time and since then she has never stopped! Today Mikaela travels all over the world to teach, compete and social dance. When dancing Mikaela often has a big smile on her face, so if she’s at the dance you won’t miss her.

Sep Vermeersch is a very passionate swing jazz dancer and music expert. He is based in Ghent, Belgium. The combination of his educational background and daily practise makes him a unique person to work with. His energy and passion for the dance, music, art and vintage business made him a welcomed guest in many projects in Belgium and around Europe.
Photo by: EIC BOBRIE

Sharon Davis is internationally known for her distinctive and feminine style in Lindy Hop, Charleston, Blues and Burlesque. Australian born but now based in London, Sharon has taught and performed around the world. She holds 1st place titles at the International Lindy Hop Championships, Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown, National Jitterbug Championships, Canadian Swing Championships, Burlesque Hall of Fame, World Burlesque Games and has claimed numerous other awards internationally. She is known for her dedication to the history of vernacular jazz dances and the music they evolved to. Her classes focus on pairing dynamic connection and flow, with body awareness and quality of movement as a pathway to individual style, creativity and musicality. With her bright and bubbly personality, Sharon’s teaching style is energetic, inspiring and fun. She is also the director of the annual European Swing Dance Championships, and runs a London swing school called JazzMAD. Visit to find out more about her.

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