Your evening program

Cirque du Solo wouldn’t be Cirque du Solo without an outstanding evening program. This is why we put in some extra effort to create four very special events for the occasion.

We wanted to give all evenings a touch of entertainment by adding very special shows and competions to the program – because this is what Cirque du Solo is all about, from the head to the toe.

But of course during all evenings there will be also plenty of dancing, both solo and partnered. Just keep in mind that the parties are not having a focus on partner dancing, so don’t expect it to be like your weekly social dance.

Note: The Evening Program is preliminary and small details might still change :)

Friday – The Circus

November 17th, 20.30 – Theater 28, Prinzenallee 33, close to U8 Pankstr.)

Welcome to The Circus! This night is filled with artistry, comedy and live music with Rufus Temple Orchestra! For your belly pleasure we have prepared some fine popcorn and cotton candy. We want to see you in your best Circus outfit – maybe as a funny clown, a snake charmer, a bearded woman or why not as an elephant… The crazier the better!

  • Be dressed as a circus character
  • Take the Surprise Taster with Cat to get started
  • Dance your feet to awesome music! We have Rufus Temple Orchestra and finest DJs playing for you!
  • Enjoy an amazing dance & cabaret show + teachers presentation
  • Capture a memory in the photo booth
  • Recharge yourself with free popcorn and cotton candy

The Circus is included in the workshop.

Not taking the workshop? Get your Party Pass (all evenings) now for 25€!

Unfortunately, due to capacity limitations, there will be no single evening tickets for Friday.
Your only chance to get in is to grab one of those Party Passes mentioned above.

The Ring Master and the Bearded Lady: A Love Story (Cirque du Solo 2016)

The Rufus Temple Orchestra playing their Hot Jazz

Saturday – The Ball

November 18th, 21.00 – Bebop, Pfuehlstr. 5

Imagine you have travelled back into the 30s to one of Harlem’s ballrooms. The Andreas Hofschneider Sextett feat. Bettina Labeau is fueling the time machine with Swing music and the crowd is moving their happy feet to heat up the engine. Be ready to challenge your your skills in the Jazz-O-lympics.

The Ball is included in the workshop.

Not taking the workshop? Get your Party Pass (all evenings) now for 25€!

Single evening tickets are available on the registration page for 18€. There will be no tickets at the door!

Cirque du Solo 2016 – Teachers Presentation at the Saturday party

Cirque du Solo 2016 – Jam Circle to Andreas Hofschneider Sextet

Sunday – The Show

November 19th, 20.30* – Tangotanzen macht schön, Oranienstr. 185

Note: Due to a last minute cancellation we have moved the show to another venue that is located close to Kottbusser Tor. The new venue is very cozy, but a bit smaller – so we might nees to squeeze a bit. Be prepared to sit on the floor or stand for 45 minutes. If you have a favorite sitting pillow, bring it with you :)

* At 21.00 the show will start, so be on time.
Ladies and gentlemen, the highlight of the weekend has arrived. It’s time for you to relax your swinging feet while enjoying a show filled with amazing dancers – or be the one to shine on stage! This year Britain and Belgium got together to bring you an amazing show!

  • Perform or see your friends performing
  • Enjoy a 1 hour Vintage Dance Show
  • After the show we will walk to the after party venue together, its just 20 minutes away :)

The Show is included in the workshop.

Not taking the workshop? Get your Party Pass (all evenings) now for 25€!

Due to capacity limitations we can not let any people in at the door. The best way to secure a spot for The Show is to buy a Party Pass. If we still have space we will let additional people in at the door from 21.15 (no cover fee).

Cirque du Solo 2016 – Sunday Show Team 3

Cirque du Solo 2016 – Sunday Show Team 2

Sunday Night – The Speakeasy

November 19th, 22.30 – Marie-Antoinette, Holzmarkstr. 15-18, S+U Jannowitzbrücke

The Show is already over and you don’t feel done yet? You met an acquaintance during the weekend and want to spend as many last hours with him/her as possible? You just love dancing through the night until sunset without taking any prisoners? Anything goes during The Speakeasy and the music might range from Uptempo Funk to Molassis Blues…

Free entrance

Party Pass – 25€

  • Includes all parties: Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  • Includes the free tasters on Friday + Sunday
  • Includes The Show on Sunday

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Note: If you are booking the workshop, the party pass is already included.


Andreas Hofschneider Sextett feat. Bettina Labeau (Berlin, Ger)

Andreas Hofschneider and his gang are one of the most popular Swing combos in and around Berlin. Why? Because they play sharp like a Suzie Q and are on the spot like a Freeze Turn. The band specializes in the 1930s Benny Goodman’s style. The repertoire contains titles that resemble old sound recordings from the USA of the Swing Era. The sound color of the band is their hallmark: the instruments of the members date back to the 1930s.

If you are around for Workshops you propably have heard them already. They play regulary in Berlins biggest swing dance events like Jump for Joy, Jazz up Your Lindy and Berlin Balboa Weekend – and now are starting to conquer Europe with their sound being invited to events like Lindy Shock in Budapest and Minor Swing in Gothenburg.

Andreas Hofschneider Quintett at Lindy Shock 2016

Rufus Temple Orchestra (Berlin, Ger)

The Berlin based Rufus Temple Orchestra revives the legendary Jazz Age of the 1920’s! The classy Band plays Hot Jazz from New Orleans – authentic, danceable and with passion for detail. With inventive Arrangements and a great deal of charm they take their audience onto a journey into the Roarin’ Twenties…

Some short impressions from the Rufus Temple Orchestra

DJ Flow (DE)

DJ Greta (DE)

Greta is one of the most well known DJs in the European swing dance scene and playing at Cirque du Solo for the second year.

She started off as a techno-Dj in her hometown Leipzig, Germany – that’s why she can’t leave those equalizers alone.
Due to the lack of classic swing music in her local scene, she began dj-ing swing music almost at the same time she took up Lindy Hopping.

After moving to France in 2009 she soon became one of the resident-Djs for Lindy Hop, Balboa and Blues in the Studio Hop Toulouse, leading to gigs at Lindy Shock, Herräng, ESDC, Snowball and Grenoble Swing Dance Festival among others.

Greta loves the late night hours of a dance and will never stop playing music “until there’re only two couples left on the dance floor, with one of them making out”. But meanwhile, we aren’t even sure about that…

DJ Leon (DE)

Having grown up in an environment full of musicians, festivals and diverse music the love for this Art form has been deeply ingrained into Leon’s life.

The journey took many forms such as fiddling with electronic music production, studying music at university, teaching the guitar, taking workshops on middle-eastern instruments and dancing hours and hours to the greatest swing music all around Europe.

The result of this is a deep appreciation for music in itself, music culture and of course music to swing-out & charleston to! This appreciation shows in his musical selections and so it is no wonder that he has already become one of our favorite DJs in his still young DJ career.

DJ Mad Oli (Berlin, Ger)

Is he Mad? He is, for several reasons: Going Mad on the dance floor, going Mad on his tunes, having a Mad sense for the right music at the right time – and being Madly hung up on hats!

Starting DJing in 2010, mainly because he was not hearing the songs he wanted to dance to often enough, he soon found his own style of DJing and seems to be quite appreciated for that.

In the last years he enjoyed and was enjoyed playing his tunes on the Maddest dance events around Europe. Budapest, Cracow, Praque and Gent were only a few stations on his trips. Now he is looking forward to DJ at Cirque du Solo, because this year he actually has some time.


The Jazz-O-lympics are a set of competitions for your leisure and pleasure. Inspired by the Olympic Games unofficial slogan “It’s the taking part that counts!” this competition is not about simply rewarding the best and most experienced dancers, but each discipline will ask for different skills – so if you have at least one skill you are very welcome to join.

More information on the disciplines will come soon, but if you have experienced the Jazz Challenge last year you know how much fun a Cakewalk Competition, how teasing a Solo Blues Battle and how energy loaded a Charleston Jam can be. So just imagine, what can come next.

The sign-up is free and going to happen on the spot , so you just need to come by, write down your name and put on your competition smile. And we will have many cool prizes in form of passes to Europes most popular Swing dance events waiting for you.

Beautiful Slow Motion Spins during the Jazz-O-lympics 2016

The final jam of the Jazz-O-lympics 2016

Party Pass – 25€

  • Includes all parties: Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  • Includes the free tasters on Friday + Sunday
  • Includes The Show on Sunday

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Note: If you are booking the workshop, the party pass is already included.

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