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Cirque du Solo is much more than a Solo Jazz workshop, it is designed to offer you the most direct experience of Authentic Jazz – not only learning the dance in a class room environment, but encountering it live on stage.

As a swing dancer you might already know about Solo Jazz as a very important and valuable addition to your social dancing. It improves your ability to move with balance, rhythm and elegance and it gives you an immense repertoire for enriching your dancing with Authentic Jazz Steps. But Cirque du Solo goes one step further – it brings Authentic Jazz back into its original setting – onto a stage, in front of an audience. During this weekend you can enjoy lots of great classes, watch wonderful performances – and even choose to go on stage yourself. There are several ways on how you can design your learning experience at Cirque du Solo. Take the Classic Workshop if you want a straight forward Authentic Jazz Workshop with a great teachers line-up and many possibilities to get nerdy with specific moves, concepts and techniques. If you are looking for something unique, then you should take the Performance Workshop. Here you will learn an Authentic Jazz routine and perform it live on stage. Could you find something for yourself in there? Then we invite you to join us for an inspiring Authentic Jazz Weekend in Berlin!

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